Club Member Resources

AAS Meeting Script/Outline

This document is an outline of how the meeting should be conducted. Not quite a script, but pivotal to running the meeting properly. A Toastmaster or General Evaluator should download the Word version and add relevant introductions and information for the various parts.

 AAS Meeting Script (Word)  AAS Meeting Script (PDF)

AAS Meeting Agenda

This document is the basis of the meeting agenda. You need to change the people filling the roles. You also need to change the Word of the day in the left sidebar. The Grammarian and Ah-Counter roles have been merged. When they are broken out they need to be separated. Speech names and manuals should be used and the “fill in the black” method only used when you don’t know the information.

Agenda Template Word Agenda Template (Apple Pages)

AAS Word Of The Day

The single flyer with the word of the day on it. It uses Apple Keynote and Microsoft PowerPoint.

Word Of The Day Template (PowerPoint) Word Of The Day Template (Keynote)

AAS Log Sheets

Log sheets for Ah-Counter, Grammarian, and Timer. It also contains the Guest Sign-In sheet. You should not have to print these out for meetings, that is the responsibility of the Sergeant At Arms.

Log Sheets

AAS Award Sheets

Awards for Best Speaker, Best Table Topics, and Best Evaluator.


AAS Evaluation Sheets

Evaluation sheets for speakers.

Evaluation Forms